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No matter where you travel, Global Travel Health can teach you about medications and travel health care, and administer the travel shots needed to prevent illnesses and ensure Safe Travel, Good Health. Our staff of nurses and doctors will assess your medical needs and provide detailed advice and counseling that will help minimize travel-related risks.

Global Travel Health can provide vaccinations for students starting college, EMT and medical students, and medical sales representatives.

About Us

Kenneth S. Greenberg, D.O., PHARM.D.

Kenneth is currently a Co-Director of Global Travel Health and had been a Co-Director of Rose Travel Medicine since 1993. As a member of Denver Infectious Diseases Consultants, Dr. Greenberg has continued in the practice of Infectious Diseases. His medical appointments include the University of Colorado for Medicine and Pharmacy, and he is a national educator on the utilizations of vaccinations due to his association with Global Travel Health. Dr. Greenberg is a Certified HIV Specialist and is a national educator in HIV disease.

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