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No matter where you travel, Global Travel Health can teach you about medications and travel health care, and administer the travel shots needed to prevent illnesses and ensure Safe Travel, Good Health. Our staff of nurses and doctors will assess your medical needs and provide detailed advice and counseling that will help minimize travel-related risks.

Global Travel Health can provide vaccinations for students starting college, EMT and medical students, and medical sales representatives.

Travel Tips

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Safe Street Food?
Dr. Hammer says this is a contradiction in terms, however, Dr. Young, the adventurous gastronome, says street food can be some of the best, and a great way to get to know the locals and their diet. Stick to boiled or steaming hot foods and you'll probably be fine. Don't forget the anti-diarrheal medications (Imodium) just to be safe.

Survive the long flight!
Trans-oceanic flights can take their toll. Here are a few recommendations to make the trip a little more comfortable:

  • A good book or music
  • Foam ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones
  • Eye mask (for sleeping)
  • Medications for sleep (Ambien or Lunesta)
  • Be sure to stash some anti-diarrheal medication (Imodium) in your carry-on, it'll save you from a very bad in-flight experience, or at least be good juju!

When in Cancun, make the drive to Merida, 3 hours to the west and see...

  • Uxmal
  • Flamingos at Celestun
  • Stay at Casa Sac Nicte, a wonderful B&B
  • Attend Merida en Domingo, a 12 hour celebration of community with food, music, and dance

When in New Zealand...

  • Heli ski with the local parrots
  • Protect from parrots any of your belongings made of rubber
  • Visit Lake Wanaka
  • See the penguins in Dunedin
  • Bungee jump
  • Zorb

When in the south of France...forget the south of France, go to Corsica!

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